About us

The original creative nite out

Did you know? We're the only ones who...

  • Throw lively creative events at over 600 popular bars and restaurants across the nation.

  • License entrepreneurs across the US and Canada to own and run Plant Nite businesses, enabling them to invest in their communities.

  • Offer these business owners unparalleled support from our HQ team based in Boston, MA.

How this whole thing got started

Armed with entrepreneurial spirits and the vision for a new kind of nite out, Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail created Paint Nite, and Plant Nite followed soon after. Their mission was to encourage creativity, empower communities, and inspire connections (away from the screen), all while offering a new way to go out and have fun.

Fun also reigns at Paint Nite HQ in Boston, MA. There, you’ll find a lively group of folks dedicated to bringing creative entertainment to the world (often with a cocktail in hand).

We changed the way people get together

Plant Nite is invading local bars and restaurants across the US and Canada with a new way to go out, have fun, and feel good. It’s everything a great nite should be—friends, drinks, and laughter. Plus, you’ll create a succulent-filled terrarium, along with the memory of a unique nite out.

Paint Nite and Plant Nite are disrupting the entertainment industry. But don’t take our word for it—find it all on our press page.

We do more than plant

Before Plant Nite came Paint Nite, our original creative nite out. Just like Plant Nite, these events are held at popular local venues, but instead of planting you’ll create a frame-worthy painting (we make it so easy!).

Calling all creative spirits!

Those people who run your events and guide you as you create your terrarium? They’re our gardeners and Creative Entrepreneurs, who own and run the business in their area.

We’re passionate about giving hard-working, uncommonly creative people the opportunity to make a living doing what they love. We partner with Creative Entrepreneurs all over the nation so we can bring you events with local flavor that support your community.