David Daykin


Warning: Potty mouth, sexual innuendos, loud music, and insane fun!!


David Daykin, one of Paint Nite's most experienced Artists, was born and raised in Somerville, Massachusetts. He would definitely be considered one of the more energetic artists in the Paint Nite world. He has been described from his friend as having a blue collar mentality with an artsy side. A welder/fabricator/mechanic backround and a DJ/artist/alcohol connoisseur at night, he always finds art in everything he does. 


Mainly self-taught, David's style is considered raw.  While at Matignon HS in Cambridge, MA he took a liking to oil and acrylic paints, however his mediums now range from pencil to steel and everything in between. When he recently ran into an old babysitter he was described as a "Babysitter's dream" because all she had to do was give him some paper and crayons and he would be busy for hours.  


He prefers his classes to be pumped up and fun,  like the music he plays. Chances are you will hear a song you love that you haven't heard forever.  Even though some of his events can get a little wild, he takes pride in his ability to coach you through your painting, making sure you leave with a great piece of art above your expectations.  David wants his guests to have fun, let loose, and create something! 




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