Put Plant Nite on the menu at your bar or restaurant

Already in 650 venues across the US and Canada, Plant Nite brings in 30-50 guests to eat, drink, and hang out with friends as they create a terrarium.

The benefits of hosting Plant Nite

  • Boosted revenue


    Revenue per event varies, but expect $300–$700.

  • New customers


    Most event attendees have never been to your venue.

  • Venue loyalty


    Most event attendees say they’ll return to your venue.

  • Perfect price


    It’s completely free to host Plant Nite!

“When we post about Plant Nite on our Facebook page, it always blows up and I have tons of people calling the restaurant.”

Jamie Collier, Old Texas Brewing Company, Burleson, TX

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All we need from you

  • A semi-private space that can comfortably seat 30+ guests
  • A dedicated server to increase food and drink sales
  • Four hours to set up, run, and clean up the event
  • Event promotion on your website and social media channels

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